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Paul Pogba produces midfield masterclass against Stoke City

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba dazzled Old Trafford with a glorious display during Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Stoke City.

The Frenchman, once again handed a freer role by Jose Mourinho, dominated proceedings immediately and provided an assist for Antonio Valencia inside ten minutes.

His next assist caught everybody off guard: a no-look pass into the centre for Anthony Martial after dragging Stoke’s defence to the right, taking Man United into the ascendancy and setting the platform for a flamboyant, masterful performance in the middle.

Pogba’s stats tell the story of what was a delight to watch from start to finish.


No, seriously, look at those stats. How often do you see a man take control of a game like that? Imagine how horrible being on the receiving end of that would be?

Remember when you played against a team way better than you and they had that one player who just knocked you off the park. That kind of game would come around every now and again. I imagine Pogba to be like that, only times a hundred.

Why Mourinho didn’t give him this freedom of the pitch sooner is a mystery. He seems to create avenues of attack on his own, pick out passes that aren’t there, turn a situation that looks doomed into a moment that lifts bums off seats.

This is a man with a scary amount talent and confidence to go with it, personified here in what can only be described as an exhibition.

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