Dwight Yorke: Romelu Lukaku was the right buy for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke has lauded Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, stating he was the right buy for the club after all.

The Red Devils were linked with the likes of Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata all summer long but eventually signed the former Everton man.

Despite scoring 16 goals in all competitions, Lukaku has still found himself heavily criticised by pundits and neutrals alike who don’t believe him to be an elite striker.

Morata’s transfer to Chelsea also saw the media often draw comparisons between the two and often asking what could’ve been had the Spaniard been at Old Trafford instead.

Yorke though believes Jose Mourinho got it right with Romelu and expects big things from him, having been impressed with him already.

According to FourFourTwo, Dwight said to Omnisport: “I think he has done really well. Sometimes people can be unfair in terms of the numbers and the consistency but that is often enough when you go for a huge price tag and play for the likes of Manchester United – you are under certain scrutiny at certain times and you have got to be consistent.

“I think that for me looking at him I always felt he was the right buy for us and he has already scored double figures – 16 or 17 goals already and we are only at the halfway mark.

“If he continues in that vein then he is going to get close to 30-plus goals and I think that is a pretty good return. At the end of the day, being a striker in that position you are always going to be judged on the number of goals and I am sure he is on course to do that, although people still point the finger at whether he is good enough or not.

“But I have no doubt, he is still a young man and is developing and will get better as the years go by and with the expectation of being at Manchester United.”

Romelu Lukaku is undoubtedly Manchester United’s first choice striker but even he will surely be looking over his shoulder to his competitors.

The club boast the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford as the alternatives to the Belgian whenever the case arrives.

With four players competing for the same one spot, one wonders how Mourinho envisions fitting as many of them into the same side.

Martial and Rashford have had to make do with the left wing position for now but it’s surely not a lasting solution and eventually the time will come to allow at least one of the them to lead the line for United.

Whether Jose moves towards a two striker formation later in the future is anyone’s guess but for now Lukaku remains the untested king of the striker role for the Red Devils.

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