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Phil Jones explains Manchester United players’ perspective on Alexis Sanchez deal

by Harry Robinson

Phil Jones admitted it would be ‘positive’ to see Alexis Sanchez sign for Manchester United in the coming days.

However, the Englishman insisted that he and his teammates knew nothing about a possible deal, and claimed the Man United squad know just as little as the fans and the media.

The Chilean forward could join the Reds imminently after reportedly agreeing terms with United. Henrikh Mkhitaryan, United’s Armenian attacking midfielder, would go the other way in a player-swap deal with Arsenal.

Initially, it seemed United would simply pay £35m up front for Sanchez rather than involve Mkhitaryan, but that no longer appears to be the case.

Jones was asked about the Sanchez situation by the Telegraph and said, “we just go about what we do best – keep playing.”

“it’s not up to us [as players], it’s not down to us,” Jones continued. “We know just as much as you guys [in the media]. He’s a good player but it doesn’t mean to say he’s going to come to United. We’ll have to see.

“If someone new comes in the door then obviously it’s a positive move for United but it’s not up to us, we just do the business on the pitch.”

Jones’ answer is a sensible one, not completing swerving the question but putting enough distance between himself and the deal to leave wriggle room for later. It doesn’t add much to the rapidly-developing story of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, though.

The January transfer window must be an odd time for players already within the squad who are certain they will be staying at the club. On the one hand, they must focus on playing, as Jones says, and continuing to win games. On the other hand, there are rumours of a world-class player joining them and they don’t know the details, and the likelihood, of that happening and thus focus must be difficult.

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