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Video: Jesse Lingard pulls hilarious Alexis Sanchez prank on Manchester United supporters

by Leo Nieboer

Jesse Lingard has taken over Manchester United’s Instagram this Thursday and was unsurprisingly causing mischief almost straight away.

The 25-year-old’s story begins in his mansion before he joins up with Marcus Rashford to drive to Carrington for training, performing a handshake with the forward that I genuinely think would take years for me to understand, let alone master.

And with the Alexis Sanchez transfer saga reaching boiling point – Gianluca di Marzio confirmed this morning that the deal, a straight swap with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, could be completed in a matter of hours – Lingard couldn’t help but take advantage.

Here is a video of the England international, in a piece of terrible yet hilarious acting, pretending to welcome Sanchez to Carrington.


We often think of footballers as outright professionals – driven athletes who dedicate their time to improving themselves and making millions rather than scrolling for rumours on Twitter, but they are, in fact, not too different from us.

You can sense the buzz around Carrington as Sanchez’s arrival looms. To have such an internationally recognised, consistently devastating talent join the dressing room would have a monumental galvanising effect on the squad at large.

The Chilean joins a happier dressing room compared to the neurosis of Arsenal, and will, you sense, strike up a good relationship quite quickly with the Spanish speaking contingent at Old Trafford.

In other news on Lingard’s social media takeover, the Englishman has put forward a hugely important question, inspired by Rashford having an omelette with ketchup: is it right to have ketchup with egg?

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