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Steve McClaren: Alexis Sanchez’s wages can cause problems for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United transfer target Alexis Sanchez can already cause problems for his expected new team according to Steve McClaren.

The Chilean superstar is reportedly extremely close to a move Old Trafford with fans excited about the quality of player arriving to their squad.

Sanchez’s contract was originally ending in the summer but United and Jose Mourinho couldn’t wait until then, placing a bid for him in this transfer window.

Reports say that the deal doesn’t involve any cash whatsoever and instead it’s a simple straight swap with Henrikh Mkhitaryan heading to the Emirates.

Should that be the case then the Red Devils will surely feel as though they got the bargain of the season with Alexis sure to add to the club’s campaign.

According to Sport 360, Steve said: “That is the danger in the modern game and the problem I find in clubs.

“Wage parity is very important to players. Yes, they find out – at all levels – and if someone is paid a lot higher than others that can cause a problem.

“In the short term I don’t see a problem, but in the long term for Manchester United they will have to solve that problem.

“If he [Sanchez] is on the wages that is being bandied about then other players will know that when their contracts come up or they are in demand from other clubs.

“The others will be looking at renegotiation next season or the season after and getting to that [wage] level if they think they are at that level.”

McClaren’s concerns are a little premature given that the transfer hasn’t even been complete yet but it’s understandable given the recent rumours.

Newspapers have already made claims that Paul Pogba is unhappy with the wages he earns after hearing of what Alexis Sanchez is set to make.

The Frenchman believes his wages no longer reflect the quality of player he is which is a fair assessment given the report claimed that he only earns £170k wages per week.

Previously these wages are relatively high but in the modern market, £250k and above is the new standard for top quality players.

Regardless of the wages, United are getting a player who is in his prime and will surely lift any squad, especially one attempting to become unlikely champions.

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