Robbie Fowler suggests there must be a reason why Jose Mourinho is selling Henrikh Mkhitaryan

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Robbie Fowler has suggested that there’s more to Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s expected departure from the club than meets the eye.

The Armenian attacker is involved in a swap transfer with Arsenal for the talented Alexis Sanchez in a deal that has taken over the winter transfer window.

Manchester United and the Gunners have been discussing the finer details of the transfer for some time now but official announcements are just around the corner according to reports.

The Red Devils aren’t paying a single penny for a player widely regarded to be amongst the best in the Premier League with fans already branding it a bargain signing.

Fowler though believes that there must also be a negative reason for why Mkhitaryan is allowed to leave United so freely and without hesitation.

According to the Daily Star, Robbie wrote in the Daily Mirror: “It really didn’t work out for [Mkhitaryan] with Mourinho and it will be a good thing for him to get out of Old Trafford.

“I watched him a lot a few years ago and saw someone with a special kind of magic. He can score goals and create them too, so I don’t know why it didn’t work out for him at United.

“It was even more puzzling because Mourinho apparently signed him – and that usually makes managers far more indulgent. Which rather suggests there’s more to that signing than anyone at Old Trafford is saying.

“Maybe his work-rate wasn’t right for Mourinho – but then neither was Kevin De Bruyne’s.”

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, perhaps unfairly, has been caught in an unfortunate situation in which he can no longer save his career at Manchester United.

Had he denied a move to Arsenal, fans would’ve have forever blamed him, making him a villain for a transfer he maybe didn’t wish to be a part of.

Having accepted the move, Mkhitaryan is leaving United in a manner that he certainly didn’t wish to leave in given the circumstances.

Although the Armenian international will get a fresh start to make a true impact on the Premier League, he will do so knowing he never truly made one at the Red Devils.

In his first season he disappointed but was given time to adapt to his new surroundings which seemed to work when he was remarkable at the start of this campaign but he fizzled off so quickly that it seems as though Jose Mourinho has lost his patience.

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