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Jose Mourinho plays down talk of Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining LA Galaxy in March

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has dismissed talk of Zlatan Ibrahimovic potentially moving to the MLS in March.

The Swede has been sidelined with another injury after making a miraculous early return from knee surgery and won’t return until the end of the month.

Some reports have claimed that Zlatan, after failing to assert himself at Old Trafford this season, had already reached an agreement to join LA Galaxy – one of the parties to express interest in him over the summer – when the MLS campaign kicks off in March.

But Mourinho, speaking at a press conference ahead of the game, made it clear that he hadn’t heard anything from Zlatan about a possible move away.

“I don’t speak with players about media news,” he said. “I see him every day, I am not working directly with him, for example today I was watching his work.”

“He never mentioned absolutely anything to me, not an opinion, comment nothing at all, so I presume nothing is true in the news because I would probably be first to know from him, so I presume nothing.”

The relationship between Zlatan and Mourinho contains too much respect and understanding of one another for the former to pull wool over the Portuguese’s eyes. It just wouldn’t happen.

Both place enormous emphasis on honest, up-front dialogue as a means of facilitating good relationships and so you can be relatively sure that the striker would discuss any move with Mourinho.

That said, the possibility of moving to the MLS, as Mino Raiola noted, is still very much there for Zlatan and could become more likely if he doesn’t find a route back into the starting XI.

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