Mesut Ozil: I had to think hard before deciding to sign contract with Arsenal

by Leo Nieboer

Mesut Ozil noted that he had to think hard before eventually deciding to reject Manchester United and renew his contract at Arsenal earlier this week.

The German emerged as a reported target for Jose Mourinho after negotiations over a new contract with Arsenal appeared to reach a standstill during the summer.

But it was announced on Thursday that Ozil, despite interest from Man United and Barcelona, had decided to extend his contract with Arsenal until 2021.

And Ozil explained on social media that, while the decision making process took time, he was ultimately doing what his heart desired.

You would think that the longer decisions take to make, the more rational they are. More time to think, iron out details, weigh up various factors, to refine your thinking.

But the reality is in fact the opposite. Decisions made in the spur of the moment are rarely good ones, sure, but the longer you hold something in your head, the more it mulls over, you start to drift further and further towards the emotional side of your brain. Honestly: tell someone to discuss ‘life’ or ‘existence’ for an hour and by the end they’ll be deep into their own mind.

And this, I suspect, is what happened with Ozil. Arsenal is a flawed, toxic club but it is also home. His partner likes it there and he recently bought a new house in Hampstead. After lots of deliberation and sleepless nights, the German went with his heart rather than head, and only time will tell whether he made the right call.

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