Manchester United fans blame owners for quiet Old Trafford in response to Jose Mourinho’s comments

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United Supporters’ Trust have decided to respond to Jose Mourinho‘s comments on the lack of an atmosphere at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils played hosts to Huddersfield on Saturday but weren’t too friendly, running out 2-0 winners after a disappointing first half.

Goal-scorers Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez gave supporters plenty to shout about but apparently it wasn’t good enough for Mourinho.

This wasn’t the first time the Portuguese manager opened fire on the club’s home fans but it’s no surprise given how the stadium has been getting quieter in recent years.

United’s away fans are notoriously loud and widely regarded as the best in the country which Jose has publicly acknowledged with the home fans needing to step up their game.

According to Belfast Telegraph, MUST said: “We note our manager’s further comments regarding the poor atmosphere within Old Trafford following the Huddersfield home game.

“The decline in atmosphere is by no means limited to Old Trafford. It’s an issue affecting clubs throughout the country.

“And it’s certainly not an issue specific to Manchester United supporters – our away support is widely acknowledged, by fair minded fans, as the best in the country.

“We believe that atmosphere is primarily dependent on the perceived relationship between fans and club – including the degree of supporter ownership and engagement.

“In the absence of any imminent changes in the former we therefore concentrate on other areas where we can have an impact in the short to medium term.”

It’s not surprising that MUST have decided to openly target the owners for the reason of the lack of noise at Old Trafford given the widely publicised rift between the two groups.

Manchester United’s owners have been criticised so heavily for placing a huge debt on the club as well as using profits for their own needs.

In fact, the situation got so heated that a group of supporters decided to start their own club called FC United in a bid to get away from the owners.

United’s lack of atmosphere at their home stadium has even been acknowledged by the club’s hierarchy as they attempted to install a ‘singing’ section.

However, it hasn’t helped as much as they hoped it would but the quietness of Old Trafford can be put down to home fans being mostly compromised of tourists unlike the more ‘battle hardened’ away fans.

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