David Wagner insists Huddersfield Town will continue to foul Alexis Sanchez in FA Cup fifth round tie

by Leo Nieboer

Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner has insisted that his team will continue to foul Alexis Sanchez when they face Manchester United in the FA Cup later this month.

The Chile international was brought down seven times during Man United’s 2-0 win over the German’s side last weekend – the highest total for one player so far this season.

And Huddersfield’s 4-1 win over Birmingham City in an FA Cup replay on Tuesday night means the two sides will meet once again in the fifth round.

Speaking about the prospect of playing against Sanchez once again, Wagner admitted that his team would have no choice but to foul the 29-year-old in the same way.

“If he (Sanchez) will be on the grass then we try to defend him and if this means sometimes he is too quick, we have to foul him,” he said. “It is not something that we like to do but this happens and it is because he is a top quality player.”

You might think that Wagner is being malicious when he says this, that inflicting a potential injury on a player is a necessary evil, but he is right.

Sanchez is simply too quick, too slippery, too technically superior, too ubiquitous on the pitch to not bring down. Either that or he simply walks through you, which he managed to do anyway.

And while all it takes is one bad challenge to put Sanchez in danger, this is a player who will always want to get up and go again, regardless of how many times he is left on the floor.

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