Borussia Dortmund winger Christian Pulisic admits he was a big Manchester United fan

by Leo Nieboer

Borussia Dortmund winger Christian Pulisic has admitted that he was a big Manchester United fan growing up, adding that the Premier League was an “unbelievable” place to play football.

The American teenager has emerged on the radar of several big clubs after breaking into the Dortmund first team last season.

Reports have claimed that Man United have expressed intent to rival Liverpool in pursuit of his signature over the summer.

And Pulisic, when asked about his apparent allegiance to United, noted that he was a big fan growing up and refused to rule out the prospect of joining the Premier League in the future.

“Yeah, I was. I was definitely a big fan,” he said.

“Of course, right now I am under contract with Dortmund and I’m not looking around or doing anything like that so I’m very focused there.

“But, yeah, it’s cool to hear all this stuff!’

“Of course. You know… I’ve talked to him . Of course, the Premier League is an unbelievable league and you never know in football what can happen so right now I’m focused with Dortmund.”

Jose Mourinho has recently dealt a massive blow to our ability to discuss rumours by emphatically stating that no new attacking additions would be made over the summer, with central midfield and full-back the obvious priority for the 55-year-old at this given time.

The likelihood of Pulisic going to United, or anywhere, in the summer is unlikely. He has only recently nailed down a place at Dortmund and will want as many minutes under his belt as possible.

But United will, you sense, keep their eye on Pulisic’s remarkable potential as a player and commercial asset over the next few years.

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