Paul Pogba makes young Manchester United fan’s day but still receives abuse on social media

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United marked the 60th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster on Tuesday with a memorial service at Old Trafford attended by the club’s board, Jose Mourinho, the first team, survivors Bobby Charlton and Harry Gregg, the families of victims and thousands of supporters.

Wreaths were laid on the pitch at the Partizan stadium in Belgrade by the Under-19 squad whilst thousands travelled to Munich in a show of superb solidarity and support for those affected by the disaster.

Meanwhile, faceless keyboard warriors were watching the service intently, looking desperately for something to spew over, and on Wednesday morning they seemingly hit the jackpot.

Your dad is absolutely fuming. Raging, in fact. Worse than when Top Gear was cancelled; worse than when he was seen by a foreign nurse that one time. The sight of Pogba, heavily chastised for his ebullient demeanour on an average day, seemingly dabbing and dancing moments after the Munich memorial sent social media into overdrive.

But as various accounts, probably with Eden Hazard as their avi, started to compose their fourth straight tweet about the Frenchman’s hair, some new footage came to light that changed the picture entirely.

Instead of disrespecting the dead, like many seriously hoped, Pogba made a young supporter’s day by dabbing back at him and, along with Juan Mata, posing for a photo.

His father, Jon, was disappointed to see Pogba so roundly chastised for simply trying to make a boy smile.

“I was really disappointed when I saw what people were saying but it doesn’t surprise me because there are so many haters and negative people on the internet,” he said.

“All the kids love dabbing and Alex was dabbing like crazy at Pogba and then then he did it back to him which was great.

“It was quite quick the whole thing but they came over and asked how Alex was especially with it being so cold then they had to go.

“It was so nice of them both and really made Alex’s day.”

This was yet another example of this country’s deep-rooted agenda towards Pogba, deemed to be too flashy, too confident for his own good, too egocentric.

But here are the facts: Pogba is a better footballer than 95% of any midfielders ever produced by this country, plays a fundamental role under Jose Mourinho, has plenty of major honours to his name already, and isn’t even 25 yet.

And if you cannot stand the sight of Pogba enjoying himself and living life, the problem is probably you, not him.

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