Ryan Giggs has his say on Marcus Rashford’s Manchester United future

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has been discussing Marcus Rashford‘s future at the club; a topic hotly contested in the media recently.

The Welshman was once himself a fearless left winger, a position that the young academy product now often finds himself in.

Although naturally a striker, Rashford hasn’t perhaps had as much match time as he’d like there but has still been effective from the flanks.

Critics argue that his pace and finishing aren’t being used to it’s full effect but Marcus hasn’t thrown a fit about things and has instead put his head down and gotten to work.

Many fans expect the Englishman to eventually transition into leading the line for United but Giggs has questioned whether that day would ever come.

Writing in the Super 6 Class of ’92 Diary for Sky Sports, Ryan said: “The main problem for Rashford is his best position is as a striker and it doesn’t look as though he’s going to get in ahead of Lukaku.

“He was very good in that position against Yeovil but ultimately he’s not going to get as many goals over a season as Lukaku.

“However, I can’t see Rashford looking at his future at the moment. He’ll get enough games across the four competitions, but the issues are when he isn’t involved in the big games.

“When I first came into the team there were two places for three players – me, Lee Sharpe and Andrey Kanchelskis. So I was just thinking that when I get minutes I have to prove myself.”

Marcus Rashford‘s future has suddenly been the centre of all discussions amongst fans, pundits and even former players since Alexis Sanchez’s arrival at Old Trafford.

Most fans were absolutely delighted that the Chilean international would be joining the ranks and adding undoubted quality to the Red Devils attack.

However, there have since been concerns of what his arrival means for Rashford in terms of match time, particularly since Sanchez’s preferred position is the left wing.

Although the former Barcelona man is a versatile player capable of playing anywhere in Manchester United’s front four, supporters have so far seen him operate from what was predominantly Marcus’ and Anthony Martial‘s ‘position’.

It seemed fans were initially hoping to see Alexis on the right flank with either one of the academy product or the Frenchman on the left wing, Jesse Lingard in the attacking midfield position and finally Romelu Lukaku leading the line to complete a terrifying attack.

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