Jamie Redknapp makes damning statement on Alexis Sanchez’s transfer to Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Jamie Redknapp has not held back on his assessment of Alexis Sanchez’s transfer to Manchester United and what it could mean for Marcus Rashford.

The youngster has reportedly been moved to sit alongside the Chilean international in the club’s dressing room as it appears that Jose Mourinho wants the latter to mentor the former.

In theory the move is exactly what Rashford needs as he could certainly learn a lot from a ready made, star player like Sanchez.

Good players improve by playing with better players and on paper it doesn’t seem like the two are likely to cause each other any problems.

However, Redknapp believes that Alexis’ transfer is only going to harm Marcus, stopping him from developing any further and hurt his future England plans.

According to Caught Offside, Jamie said to Sky Sports: “I can’t help but feel disappointed about what it does to a player like Marcus Rashford,’ the former Liverpool man told Sky Sports.

“Some would say that great players come and go and you’ve got to get on with it, but the bottom line is that Rashford has now dropped down the pecking order.

“That’s what football is like. When I signed for Liverpool at the age of 17, I went straight ahead of all the other players in the youth team because I had been bought in from outside.

“It’s the same with Sanchez now. Due to his reputation and the fact he has been bought by the manager, Sanchez will always go ahead of Rashford whether he is playing better or not.

“It’s the hardest thing for a young English player. You feel like you are just getting to the top of the pecking order and then suddenly, bang, it’s like a sledgehammer hits you. Your club have signed a world star.

“Mourinho has said Sanchez can be an inspiration to Rashford but I don’t think that’s what he needs right now. We’re talking about an established England international. There is only one way to learn, and it’s not by sitting next to someone in the dressing room, it’s by playing in the team.”

The pundit’s accusations seem to be pretty wild, particularly since it’s too early to make any judgement on the effect of Alexis Sanchez on Marcus Rashford‘s development.

However, if one was to go on what has already happened so far this season then one can assumed the Englishman should be safe of what Jamie Redknapp has said.

Rashford has been Mourinho’s go to player from the moment the Portuguese boss arrived at Old Trafford and he has consistently called upon the academy product, showing his faith in the young man’s talent.

In terms of positions, yes Sanchez has a preference to play on the left wing but his versatility is perhaps what encouraged Jose to chase after him so desperately.

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