Former Inter Milan CEO Michael Bolingbroke heaps praise on Ed Woodward’s transfer business at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Inter Milan CEO Michael Bolingbroke has been singing the praises of Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, hailing the former businessman as a superb decision maker.

Woodward replaced David Gill in 2013 and suffered early criticism from supporters for a woeful transfer window in the same year during which he only managed to secure the services of Marouane Fellaini.

His rapport with the club’s fanbase has significantly improved in recent years, however, following the capture of Paul Pogba in 2016 and, more recently, the masterstroke move to pinch Alexis Sanchez from under Manchester City’s nose.

And Bolingbroke has spoken highly of the club’s executive, noting he was the right man to push deals through for Man United.

“He’s very measured, very considered, very cogitate in decision making,” he said.

“When he makes the decision, he’s very confident it’s the right decision and that gives him strength to see it through.”

Woodward was a heavily maligned man during the train wreck that was the David Moyes era and it ought to be noted that this club, five years on, is still paying for the lazy, ineffective nature of their transition away from the perennially successful duopoly of Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The man is not without his faults, but the work he has done is there for all to see. A business and marketing expert, Woodward’s efforts to keep United globally relevant both as a brand and footballing outfit through a series of shrewd commercial deals – they remain richer than Real Madrid, despite Los Blancos winning three Champions League titles in four years – and big signings.

But as Mourinho has noted, the task to match the spending power of Manchester City remains a pressing task ahead of the summer, and perhaps the most difficult obstacle for Woodward to overcome since taking over.

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