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Ian Wright claims Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba aren’t as close anymore

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Ian Wright has claimed that Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba no longer have the warm relationship they previously had.

The Frenchman famously moved to Old Trafford despite the lack of Champions League football in the Portuguese manager’s first season at the club.

Pogba attributed it due to his love for United but also due to his desire to work with Mourinho as many signings have stated before.

Although their relationship started on the right foot, many sections of the media have blown up recent events to make it seem as though it will all end on the wrong foot.

Wright appears to be echoing what other pundits have said but even claimed that he has a source that has told him the two are no longer close.

According to Football 365, Ian wrote in the Sun: “I think we are about to discover a lot about United, the players and the manager,” Wright wrote.

“Jose can defend his relationship with Paul [Pogba] as much as he likes but it’s pretty obvious everything is far from rosy.

“I’m not suggesting it’s daggers drawn between the two, or that Pogba wants out. That’s too far. But I am hearing they aren’t as close as a few months ago, and that’s something United can’t afford.

“This is the stage of the season when everyone must be pulling in the same direction.”

The Red Devils have aimed to clear the air by releasing a statement that insisted the pair are fine and there has been no breakdown in the relationship.

However, that hasn’t stopped the media from hyping up what happened and continuously discussing it, giving their opinions on how it can all be solved or even if it can be solved.

Many have suggested that there’s no coming back from it and that Manchester United will eventually have to choose between Jose and Paul.

It all started with the former Chelsea manager substituting his star player during the lost vs Tottenham which wasn’t helped by there public argument on the pitch.

He was then dropped for the following match before being substituted once more in the loss to Newcastle which sparked absolute mayhem from the media.

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