Manchester United can be pleased with a 0-0 draw in Seville in their rebuilding stage, claims club great Roy Keane

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United are taking ‘baby steps’ in their development as a team, and will be happy with a 0-0 draw away in Seville in the UEFA Champions League.

Roy Keane, former-captain of the club, suggested that the Reds remain very munch in transition and thus a draw away to La Liga side Sevilla will be seen as ‘job done’ if not a fantastic performance.

It’s an opinion reflected widely within Man United’s support, though others have suggested the club must be doing better in terms of both performances and attitudes to what makes an acceptable result.

After poor spells from David Moyes and Louis van Gaal in charge at United, the Reds suffered, particularly under the form, in their hopes to continue success after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Mourinho has gone some way to fixing that.

“The damage that’s been done to United over the last few years with the change of manager, they’re almost taking baby steps,” Keane said on ITV speaking after Wednesday night’s stalemate. “They won a couple of trophies last year. To me they’re still rebuilding. They’re short of 2 or 3 players.”

Mourinho has spent significant sums of money already in rebuilding United. More will be needed and more will come, Keane suggests. There’s little doubt about that. Where it is spent and how effectively is the only issue.

But after a 0-0 draw in Spain, Keane said United’s squad and coaches will be pleased.

“If you’re a player, manager or coaching staff in that dressing room tonight, you’ll be going back on the flight tonight saying, listen lads we didn’t play great, but job done,” Keane continued, “we expect to get through the second leg.”

It’s the same attitude that Keane’s former-teammate Rio Ferdinand has while speaking on BT Sport, suggesting that the Reds should be confident going onto the plane home, knowing they can beat Sevilla at Old Trafford.

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