Clayton Blackmore believes Tahith Chong can be Ryan Giggs’ successor at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Academy insider Clayton Blackmore believes that Manchester United have found a successor to Ryan Giggs in Tahith Chong.

The Dutch teenager, who arrived from Feyenoord in 2016, has caught the eye with a series of bustling attacking performances during his first month playing for the Under 23s.

Nemanja Matic recently tipped Chong, along with Angel Gomes, to challenge for a place in Jose Mourinho‘s squad in the near future.

And Blackmore, speaking on the subject of Chong, noted that his style of play was more akin to Giggs than that of any player he had seen before.

“He [Chong] could be the next one,” he said. “He’s playing on the wing, looking really good running with the ball as well like Ryan. He’s done well since coming back from injury. He can go the distance.”

“There are lots of pitfalls – keeping away from injury, not getting dragged down by the wrong people, knuckling down. He’s come back from a really bad knee injury and the club have to look after him.”

The 18-year-old’s fuzzy afro means he immediately stands out on the pitch, but even with a bowl cut you’d be able to spot him right away, such is the refreshingly idiosyncratic way he goes about the game.

Most footballers project a sense of strife when they get the ball, as if wrangling their way through Primark at rush hour, but then there are others who seem to just glide around the pitch.

And while this club won’t see a greater proponent of that than Giggs, there is an indelible sense of freedom and natural trickery to Chong’s demeanour on the ball, seamlessly skipping around opponents in a variety of ways. He is certainly one to keep a close eye on over the next year or so.

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