Rio Ferdinand explains the influence Roy Keane had on his Manchester United career

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand has explained the influence Roy Keane had on his career during his time at the club.

The Englishman was a huge part of the team’s success over the past decade, proving to be a crucial player in Sir Alex Ferguson‘s final squad before his retirement.

Ferdinand though also managed to catch Keane’s time at United too and it seems the Irishman had quite a bit of impact on him.

The two players featured in different positions of the pitch with the former Leeds man playing as a centre-back and Roy playing as a midfielder.

Many saw the Irishman as a huge leader for the club and one of the reasons why the players maintained such a high standard during his time with the Red Devils.

According to The Republik of Mancunia, Rio said: “I got the ball and passed to Gary, who was on my team. In a normal game that was a great ball – pass to your teammate, go up the pitch.

“And then Keane turned round and just started going: ‘Pass it forward, take risks, you’re not at Leeds or West Ham now, you’re at Manchester United!'”

“This guy is crazy man, what’s he doing! I passed it to a team-mate, surely I’m doing alright. I got home later that day and thought: ‘This guy is nuts, how am I going to deal with him on a daily basis?’

“And then I realised that you’ve got to take chances and that’s how I ended up playing my career. Not just passing the simple ball to Gary, but into the strikers to make a difference.”

Manchester United are certainly lacking in the leadership department lately, at least in the sense that there’s no one currently at the club that’s like Roy Keane.

Michael Carrick is the official club captain but has missed large parts of the season due to his fitness issues with others filling in.

Both Antonio Valencia and Paul Pogba have taken turns filling in for the Englishman with the sense that there’s no true leaders in the club.

There are experienced players but not necessarily leaders or at least ones who aren’t as vocal as Keane was with Carrick even admitting so.

It appears that Jose Mourinho though has plans on turning Pogba into the club’s leader for the next decade if things go to plan.

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