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Scott McTominay’s grandfather explains how the midfielder picked Scotland over England

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Scott McTominay‘s grandfather has decided to clear the air on how the midfielder picked Scotland over England.

The youngster was eligible to feature for either nation but recently picked to feature for the Tartan Army much to the surprise of many.

McTominay was born in England but was available for selection for Scotland through his father and it appears he had some influential people help swing his decision.

The academy product’s stock has risen in recent matches due to his performances and good form, particularly the match against Chelsea.

Scott was tasked with man marking Eden Hazard, doing such a good job that the Belgian was substituted off the field and his grandfather has explained how he ended up making his decision.

According to Manchester Evening News, Frank said to the National: “Alex McLeish handled the situation quite well. It’s been rumbling on now for two or three months now in the papers.

“But he didn’t go shouting and bawling. He just said that he would speak to Scott and he did. He conducted himself quite well.

“But Sir Alex Ferguson was keen for Scott to play for Scotland as well. He was up front about it. I know that for a fact. I can say that without fear of getting contradicted.

“That has been kept under wraps. He and Jose Mourinho were both quite keen on it over the last month or two. Sir Alex Ferguson has been very good with Scott over the years.

“He gave him his first contract with Manchester United when he was 16 before he retired and then made sure it was extended when he was 18. He seems to get on well with him. I have seen them talking.”

England supporters have admitted their surprise due to their nation’s upcoming appearance in the World Cup with Scotland failing to qualify.

Some fans believed should Scott McTominay have continued playing as he has done so far he may have been a surprise candidate to be taken to Russia.

However, the Scots believe their senior side are on the cusp of a revamp and a golden generation coming through of which the United player is supposed to be a part of.

Either way, McTominay’s decision will only be vindicated or condemned at the end of his international career but there’s certainly a case for him to join either side.

All Scott has to do now is continue rising through the ranks and ensuring he doesn’t become a player who was incapable of fulfilling his potential.

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