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Paul Scholes slams “conservative” approach of Jose Mourinho at Man United

by Harry Robinson

Paul Scholes has criticised Jose Mourinho’s approach to how Manchester United set up in every game after the Reds crashed out of the UEFA Champions League.

The Portuguese saw his players woefully underperformed on Tuesday night as they completely failed to take the game to Sevilla in a 2-1 defeat.

But a significant portion of the blame comes down to Mourinho, whose team selection was wrong and philosophy going into both legs of the tie was terrible. At no point did United go for the game against a poor Sevilla side.

Scholes was furious with the approach of Mourinho at United, who rarely start games on the front foot.

“They approach every game conservatively,” Scholes fumed, claiming that even lat Saturday’s 2-1 win against rivals Liverpool saw the Reds play poorly.

“As good as they were on Saturday, they didn’t play great football. They got away with it because of the win.

“There’s a lot of performances that are exactly the same but get swept under the carpet.”

Criticism of Mourinho and United was incessant. Scholes found the attitude of United’s players embarrassing, and said that despite the loss, even if the team had thrown everything at it, it would have been frustrating but acceptable.

Yet United didn’t go for it. They approached the game in the wrong way, especially given a three-week period that has seen them come from behind against defending champions Chelsea and then Crystal Palace away from home, as well as the weekend’s win against Liverpool.

Confidence was high, players were performing, but Tuesday night saw supposed ‘star’ players woefully underperform, wasting possession and losing their creativity.

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