Didier Deschamps admits Paul Pogba is in a complicated period at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

France manager Didier Deschamps has admitted that Paul Pogba is in a complicated period at his current club Manchester United.

The former Juventus star has had his abilities called into question in recent weeks due to his poor form and the international manager has acknowledged what’s been going on.

Pogba’s place in the World Cup squad though should still be cemented, especially given his early season form where he blew everyone away.

The midfielder though has come in for huge criticism from fans who initially supported his needs but soon recognised he was just putting in dire performances.

Deschamps is a huge supporter of Paul and has tried to relieve the pressure on him by saying it’s normal for any player to go through what he is going through currently.

According to 101 Great Goals, Didier said: “Paul is Paul. He’s in a more complicated period, yes. It’s been a long time since he had one but I know what he’s capable of doing.

“Sometimes he can be in a bit more difficult, but that does not change what I think about him. The players, whoever they are, cannot have a totally linear course and always be on top.”

United’s recent 4-3-3 experiment was only conducted to see whether the Frenchman could improve or not with fans not having yet recognised that he was simply out of form.

After a number of games with him in his preferred three man formation, it quickly became clear that Jose Mourinho‘s tactics were not to blame.

Of course supporters are generally not too happy with the Portuguese’s tactics but can also recognise that it does churn out results.

Paul Pogba‘s poor displays are simply down to him and just as his international manager says, it’s normal for any player to go through.

However, if the Red Devils are to save anything from their current season, they will need their star player back in his peak form.

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