Martin Keown: Jose Mourinho is walking a tightrope at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Martin Keown has made the bold claim that Jose Mourinho is currently walking a tightrope at Manchester United due to his recent criticisms of the squad.

The Portuguese manager has not been afraid to call out his players for underperforming and while fans believe it was the correct call, many sections of the media have decided it’s a step too far.

Mourinho has been a little harsh but it’s nothing unwarranted as United got knocked out of the Champions League by a poor Sevilla side.

To make things worse their own display was shocking, frustrating supporters even further and the following 2-0 win over Brighton did not help matters either due to the dire performance.

Keown though believes Jose is risking losing the dressing room, particularly with his criticism of left-back Luke Shaw.

According to Sports Mole, Martin wrote in the Daily Mail: “Mourinho has lost dressing rooms at Chelsea and Real Madrid. He knows he is walking a tightrope but he is doing whatever it takes to get a performance.

“Trying to get a reaction is one thing. Humiliating his players is another. I do not like the way Luke Shaw has been treated. Mourinho should consider his players as sons.

“How would he react if his own child was being treated this badly? Because Mourinho did not play at the highest level, he will simply not understand the effect that being hooked at half-time has on a player.

“Other players at Old Trafford may look at Shaw and think: ‘That could be me next.’ By behaving this way, Mourinho risks driving a wedge between the squad and the staff.”

Shaw’s situation is an interesting one due to the ups and downs of what has continued to develop, particularly with all the rumours going on.

Jose Mourinho hauled off the Englishman at half time during the win against Brighton, believing he failed to perform even to the basic standards of the tactics.

The substitution signalled to others in the squad that the former Chelsea man will not accept underwhelming performances from his players.

To the credit of Mourinho he has also heavily praised Shaw when the youngster played well and so it makes sense to not only explain to fans what was going on but to also criticise the player when necessary.

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