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Ryan Giggs: I never got nervous as a player but management is completely different

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has admitted to feeling nervous ahead of his first match with Wales and first foray into management.

The former winger had temporarily managed at Old Trafford as an interim right after David Moyes’ ill fated tenure ended but this will be his first true role.

Giggs was also the assistant manager to Louis Van Gaal in another poor era for the club and refused to be amongst the staff of Jose Mourinho‘s management.

The Welshman was a surprise candidate for the international job given his lack of experience but has been given an opportunity nonetheless.

Most managers tend to work their way up to international management but the former United man has somehow started there first.

According to Sky Sports, Ryan said: “I never really got nervous as a player, but coming into management is completely different, as there are so many things to think about.

“As a player, you’re quite selfish and making sure you’re doing your job within the team. But as a manager, you are always thinking: ‘Have you forgotten anything? What can be improved?’

“So it’s about preparing the team as best I can with my staff, then you evaluate what you could do better and what you did well. It’s completely different from being a player.”

Most Red Devils fans are still hopeful that Ryan Giggs will become manager of the club in the future and it could be that the Wales job will prove his ability.

If it goes poorly then it could hurt his chances in the future but of course if it goes well he could find himself in club management soon enough.

Some supporters wanted Giggs to be thrown right into the job at Manchester United, believing that one would never know if he’s good enough until he’s given a chance.

Of course fans witnessed two different managers with experience come in and do a poor job and so they didn’t see the harm in handing it over to him.

Others believed it would be more appropriate to give him the job when he’s gotten some management experience under his belt.

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