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Hugo Lloris: Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has injury to blame for inconsistent form

by Marwan Harraz

Hugo Lloris has explained just why Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has struggled with form lately, pointing to his injury as the cause to his problems.

The Tottenham goalkeeper is currently with Jose Mourinho‘s player on international duty with France and has no doubts as to his teammate’s quality.

Just about everyone has weighed in on the Pogba saga with some sections blaming the manager’s man management while others blaming the manager’s tactics.

The tactical claims were that the former Juventus star needed to play in a 4-3-3 to truly excel but failed to do so when given the opportunity.

Mourinho’s man management was also called into question as he dropped Paul for a few games but Lloris has backed his international teammate to recover.

According to the Sport Review, Hugo said: “Paul stays a strong player in our team, he is one of our leaders. This season is a little bit complicated but he was injured so that could explain why he was not consistent all the time.

“But he already proved with Manchester or France that he is one of the best players in the world if he is at 100 per cent. Now he is more mature.

“He knows his place, his responsibilities. I have no doubt that he will be ready for this huge competition and show his best side.”

Paul Pogba was initially given the benefit of the doubt by fans who believed that perhaps their team weren’t using him as well as they could.

However, Jose didn’t take too long to bend to their will and feature the Frenchman in his apparently favoured 4-3-3 formation in order to help him perform.

It soon became clear that it wasn’t a matter of tactics and it was simply a player who was out of form so the Portuguese manager dropped his star player.

Some of Pogba’s best performances have come in the former Chelsea boss’ preferred 4-2-3-1 as indicated by United’s early season form.

The Red Devils blew away all their opponents at the start of the campaign and a lot of it was due to Paul’s form, proving how much Jose Mourinho misses him now.

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