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Manchester United representatives met with Napoli star Jorginho’s agent: report

by Marwan Harraz

According to reports, Manchester United representatives have met with Napoli star Jorginho’s agent as efforts are stepped up to sign him.

Jose Mourinho has made it publicly clear his intent to sign a midfielder this summer transfer window and it appears he settled on the Italian.

The Serie A side are unlikely to sell for cheap but it’s rumoured that the Portuguese manager will be given a sizeable budget when the season ends.

Mourinho is also reportedly interested in Faouzi Ghoulam who plays for the same Italian club as a left-back and could potentially conclude a deal for both.

However the report from Rai Sport focuses on Jorginho and how United’s representatives met with his agent on Friday evening in Manchester.


If the reports are true then it would appear that Jose is attempting to conclude his transfers early this summer transfer window.

After all, it would be the smarter thing to do given how this summer is a World Cup one and those tend to inflate player prices even more.

Waiting until after the World Cup concludes to begin negotiations could prove to be costly as well as difficult given how most players don’t want any distractions during the tournament.

Should a deal for Jorginho already be confirmed it would also ease fans who are concerned with Michael Carrick‘s retirement.

Marouane Fellaini‘s contract also expires this summer and he’s touted for a move to Turkey though the Red Devils are reportedly attempting to hold onto him if they can.

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