Alexis Sanchez is trying too hard, claims former-Man United man David May

by Harry Robinson

Alexis Sanchez is trying too hard to succeed at Manchester United, according to former-Red David May.

The Chilean forward signed a four-and-a-half-year deal at Old Trafford in a player swap deal in January.

He’s about halfway his first half-season at Man United and has been far from impressive thus far.

Sanchez has looked wasteful, frustrated and has contributed little.

Rather, the changing of the team to feature him in it has made it difficult to give in form Marcus Rashford or Anthony Martial game time.

“Personally I think he’s trying too hard,” May told 888sport.

Of course, May was the opposite of Sanchez, an under-the-radar player compared to the huge profile and expectation of the 29-year-old forward.

“He wants to be involved in everything but he needs to be told that standing still is a good position,” May explained.

“He’s an absolutely fantastic player and everybody knows that after what he did with Arsenal but he needs to take a step back and enjoy it.

“He’s forever looking for the ball but sometimes you have to let the ball find you.”

It’s an important point. Dishearteningly, Sanchez has looked, at times similar to how Wayne Rooney did for spells of his career; out of form, off his game.

But not only that, similarly to that frustrating Rooney, Sanchez continues to attempt the incredibly difficult when he’s having a bad game rather than returning to the simpler stuff.

That leaves him open to criticism when it doesn’t come off. That he loses the ball is not an issue for a risky attacking player like he is, but his response to losing it and the amount of times it does actually come off; those are two things that do matter. And at the moment, Sanchez has been a frustration since his move from Arsenal.

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