Photo: Paul Pogba points to Manchester United badge after winning the derby

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba made it clear to the watching world where his loyalties lie by pointing to the Manchester United badge following his sensational second half performance against Manchester City.

The Frenchman, in response to a frustrating first half, stood up when it mattered and hauled his team back into the game with a talismanic performance after half time.

He nestled home a clever finish to halve the deficit and then, surging into the box once again, brilliantly headed home an equaliser to pave the way for an historic win.

And he made it clear just exactly what he made of recent talk surrounding his future and performances after the full time whistle, telling supporters to ignore the commentariat.

United were in tatters at half time. The hosts could have been five or six goals clear if it weren’t for Raheem Sterling’s profligacy. They needed somebody – anybody – to stand up.

And Pogba, amid a hurricane of criticism and derision, silenced everybody. Pundits. Rival fans. Pep Guardiola. Manchester City. They could only watch on with a sense of awe as the Frenchman, bringing that sensational marauding attacking approach to the centre of the pitch, crashed City’s party, streaming forward at will and, in turn, galvanising those around him.

There was a palpable feeling of extra thrust in his running in the second half. Both of his goals were beautifully taken but it was his fight, his compulsion to turn the tide, that was most potent.

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