Gary Neville: Manchester United are a far better team with Paul Pogba in it

by Marwan Harraz

Gary Neville has made the rather obvious claim that Manchester United are a far better team with Paul Pogba in it but he’s also called on the player to show more consistency.

The Frenchman has been heavily criticised for his performances of late and even put in a poor first half against Manchester City.

However, Pogba singlehandedly dragged his team back into the match by scoring a brace in the second half and Chris Smalling completed the comeback win.

United fans were absolutely raving about his second half display among many of the other players but the former Juventus man will be remembered for being the person who denied City their title win, at least for now.

Neville is adamant that Jose Mourinho‘s squad are clearly better with Paul in it but he’s asked the player to focus a bit more and show more consistency.

According to Metro, Gary said on his Sky Sports Podcast: “I’ve said all year, Manchester United are a far better team with Paul Pogba in it. He brings arrogance, confidence and belief.

“He is a fantastic footballer and he makes Manchester United a better team. He shows great belief and confidence and shows total confidence in himself – but you have to deliver consistently.

“Manchester United have shown great faith in him to deliver, they paid a lot of money for him, and there’s a large expectation. The Manchester United badge carries a large responsibility.

“He hasn’t done that [consistency] in the last couple of months, but he is a good lad and a good player and I hope for him and for United that he can start now to affect the biggest matches and win the biggest games.”

Paul Pogba was certainly granted a little more freedom in the second half and fully took advantage of it by scoring an important brace.

However, pundits or ex-players or managers even who criticise his attitude are being unfair to the clearly talented midfielder.

A lot of them seem to point to his haircuts or social media interactions as proof of him not being concentrated but it’s absolutely absurd to suggest.

The majority of the people criticising are also ‘plugged’ in themselves and so it’s quite hypocritical of them to say so.

Even Gary Neville himself can be seen on social media consistently, does that mean he’s distracted from his job at Sky Sports or his other adventures?

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