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Richard Arnold: Expanding Old Trafford could leave Manchester United ‘homeless’

by Marwan Harraz

Managing director Richard Arnold has admitted that expanding Old Trafford will bring problems with the main issue being that it could leave Manchester United ‘homeless’.

Some sections of supporters have called for one of the most famous stadiums in Europe to be expanded even further in order to accommodate their global fan base.

United regularly fill out their stadium regardless of the competition being played at home and an expansion certainly makes sense on paper.

However, Arnold has discussed the logistics of turning it all into a reality and pointed to Tottenham’s current issues despite being in London.

Spurs are set to move into a bigger stadium soon but have temporarily been using Wembley which has proven to be more difficult than anticipated.

According to the Mirror, Richard said to United We Stand: “We haven’t left the easiest stand until last. The South Stand – the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand – is the last unexpanded stand.

“It’s sandwiched in a fairly narrow strip of land between the pitch and the main Manchester to Liverpool railway. There’s not much space on either side of the stand, meaning that it’s a very complex engineering challenge to deliver.

“It would be a multi-season challenge and it isn’t certain that there’s a way of doing it which doesn’t render us homeless. We have the biggest fanbase in the country and we’re not in London, where we could use Wembley.

“So that’s not a light challenge for us and we don’t want to give up the home advantage that we have here. Moving elsewhere would be difficult and the logistical issues associated with expanding the South Stand are not negligible.

“And that’s before you start getting into how big the expanded stadium should be.”

The Red Devils have remarkably blown away the commercial market in comparison to their competitors and have consistently put in stunning figures.

Despite the debt brought on by the owners, Jose Mourinho‘s side are still able to compete in the transfer market due to their fan base.

There’s no secret to how much money Manchester United make and even spend for that matter but many supporters take great pride in that it’s also self-made in comparison to PSG or Manchester City’s foreign investors.

A bigger stadium would bring greater appeal without a doubt but there are concerns of Old Trafford’s atmosphere and some fans wish to address that issue first.

Despite regularly selling out, United’s home atmosphere has been on the decline for a couple of seasons now with even Mourinho pointing it out.

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