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Chris Sutton: Jose Mourinho has to take responsibility for inconsistent Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Chris Sutton has accused Jose Mourinho of failing to take responsibility for his Manchester United squad’s inconsistencies.

After beating Manchester City in remarkable fashion last week at the Etihad, the same players faltered at Old Trafford against West Brom.

Mourinho blamed his players following the result, claiming it was their poor attitudes and complicated play that allowed their opponents to grab a shock win.

The loss saw City officially crowned as champions following their win against Tottenham just the day before United took to the field.

Sutton believes Jose is wrong for blaming his players and must take some responsibility himself for his side’s poor showing against the Baggies.

According to the Daily Star, Chris said to the Daily Mail: “Jose Mourinho accused his players of being ‘on the moon’ after losing to the Premier League’s bottom side West Brom.

“He talked about their poor attitude and said they were too complacent and too relaxed. Mourinho has been in the job a long time and that is not a good enough excuse from a Manchester United point of view. Not at all.

“That is him passing the buck. Mourinho has to take a bit of personal responsibility for this. United fans are going to be deeply unhappy with what has happened. That performance against West Brom was nowhere near good enough.

“Mourinho is the man at the helm, and it is not like he has just walked into this job. You have to be careful calling out players. Take some responsibility for yourself!”

Chris Sutton’s criticism falls in line with some fans who blame Jose Mourinho for the Red Devils’ failings this season.

It wasn’t the first time the Portuguese boss blamed his players’ mentalities for the poor results that ensued and some supporters have gotten sick of it.

Many others however believe that Mourinho can only do so much and that there have been many instances that prove some of the Manchester United squad have questionable attitudes and mentalities.

Fans have witnessed many quality players and strong personalities at Old Trafford so they know just what it takes to be a top player.

It’s the same supporters who have recognised what Jose has said and agree with him though the manager will always take some blame for his players’ performances.

With there set to be a squad overhaul in the upcoming summer transfer window, time will soon tell who was right and who wasn’t.

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