Marcel Desailly: Paul Pogba does not have the consistency needed to play for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Marcel Desailly has claimed that despite Paul Pogba‘s obvious talent, he doesn’t have the consistency needed to play for Manchester United.

There have been recent concerns with the former Juventus man’s inconsistent form and the debate continues whether it’s Jose Mourinho‘s fault or the players.

Some believe the Portuguese manager isn’t doing enough to get the best out of Pogba while others believe he’s been accommodated as much as possible and it’s simply his own fault for his form.

The perfect example of the Frenchman’s form has come in the past week having scored a brace against Manchester City then faltering against West Brom.

Desailly believes playing for a top club requires consistency and not just talent, suggesting Paul only has the latter.

According to Yahoo, Marcel said: “I believe that Pogba can be a top-class player but at the moment he does not have the consistency you need to play for a big club like United.

“Look at his performance against Manchester City in the second half and that is what we expect from him every week. He was brilliant with his two goals and that has to give him confidence – but what happens next?

“The key for me is where you play Pogba. He is not a playmaker. He is not a holding midfielder and yet we have seen United and Mourinho try him in both of those positions this season. He will not be successful there.

“He can play in a midfield three on the right-hand side but does he defend enough for this manager? When you have the ball, you know he is there and wanting to be involved, but when you don’t have the ball, where does he go?

“Mourinho has tried everything to fit him into his team, but he has not yet found the best position. He needs to find it quickly.”

The Paul Pogba problem has been a longstanding one, a problem that’s been made worse with Alexis Sanchez’s arrival as even he poses his own type of problem too.

The Chilean always seems to get in the way of his teammate and it was clear against West Brom that many of the Manchester United players kept trying to drop deep to play the all crucial pass but there were no runners.

The lack of width is certainly a concern but Jose Mourinho must solve how he can have all his best players on the pitch without them getting in each others way.

United have far too many passers and not enough runners to cause any serious damage which is why they can pass excellently all over the pitch but fail to truly make an impact in the final third.

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