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Gary Neville: Jose Mourinho must get rid of problematic Manchester United stars

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United icon Gary Neville has called on Jose Mourinho to get rid of the problematic stars that are in the current squad.

The Portuguese manager has hinted multiple times since arriving to Old Trafford that several players don’t have the right mentalities or attitude to feature for the club.

He’s also discussed how some of the players are fighting for their spots in the first team and are risking being sold.

Neville though wants to focus more on the problems of consistency and attitude, insisting that Mourinho must get rid of these players in order for the club to move on.

With United rumoured to be gearing up for a squad overhaul that focusses on it’s defence, it’s possible the former Real Madrid boss feels that’s where most of the problems remain.

According to the Independent, Gary said on Sky Sports: “I didn’t see it coming, it was a dismal, a weak day for United. They started the season trying to rid themselves of these performances.

“Mourinho referred to attitude and consistency, he needs to identify the ones causing those problems and they need to go. I think there will be three or four players leaving and the same number coming in.

“He’s got to make that gap up and it’s going to be tough. Consistency is about mentality and the players fell well below that considering the last couple of weeks.”

Gary Neville‘s assessment is correct as Manchester United did start this season looking to put behind them the season in which they ended in 6th place.

The Europa League victory ensured Jose Mourinho‘s men would be playing Champions League football but it also made many fans forget how inconsistent their team was in the Premier League.

United have been far better in the league this season as they look set to end in second place unless they fall apart in the last few matches.

In general Mourinho’s managed to get more consistency out of his players this time around but there’s still some strange results as well as it having come at the cost of the Carabao Cup and Champions League exits.

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