Jose Mourinho: Paul Pogba was substituted against West Brom only because of his yellow card

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has insisted that Paul Pogba was only substituted against West Brom because of his yellow card and for no other reason.

Many fans were surprised to see the Frenchman taken off the field a short while after half time since the team was still searching for a goal.

United later trailed and eventually lost to the Baggies with Pogba not on the pitch to help his teammates secure any kind of result.

The former Juventus man had picked up a yellow card after a hand ball in the opposition team’s box as he attempted to attack a cross.

Some sections of the media used the substitution as proof that Mourinho was sick of Paul’s performance and that he will be sold in the summer.

According to EIR Sport, Jose said: “It was not just him [who got substituted] and he had a yellow card so he was in a more difficult position than others.

“Playing with only two midfield players you cannot play with one player who is in risk of not being able to make a foul. You can do it if your team is not losing the ball but our team was losing the ball so easily with the complication.

“By losing lots of balls with turnings and flicks and tricks, the midfield players and the central defenders were in risk of one late challenge and they’re out.

“Paul was off because of the yellow card. In terms of the way he played he was not worse than some others who were on the pitch for 90 minutes.”

The truth is that Paul Pogba didn’t have the best of matches but as Jose Mourinho says, he wasn’t poorer than many of his teammates.

The Red Devils certainly could’ve done with their talismanic man on the pitch but the fact is that he was risking being sent off before being substituted.

There were small niggling fouls after his first yellow card that a harsher referee could’ve pulled another card out of his pocket for.

It was a silly yellow to get in the first place from Pogba, an avoidable one that he could’ve done without so that he could’ve potentially been decisive against West Brom.

Eventually Manchester United succumbed without him but it’ll be more interesting to see whether the academy product is one of the players Mourinho considers ‘has no place in the team’.

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