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Top 5: Celebrities who play Poker

by Sam Peoples

Everyone likes a little gamble every now and then, and celebrities are no different. Personally, I prefer a good old-fashioned game of poker and there are many celebrities who agree with me. Because of this, I thought I’d collate a list of some of the bigger names in the world of entertainment who like an intense game of poker as much as I do. If you’re interested, you can go to this site and read more about what’s coming up in terms of poker and gambling this year, all you can ignore all that and find out which celebrities like to gamble with their millions of well-earned dollars!

5. James Woods

James Woods may not be a name you recognise, but you will most certainly know who he is. This actor has appeared in films such as Casino, Scary Movie 2, Hercules (as the voice of Hades, no less!), Chaplin, and Videodrome and he is also a keen poker player. James Woods has, in recent years, almost reinvented himself as a professional poker player, even playing alongside the big-time pros.

4. Jason Alexander

Ah yes, George Costanza from Seinfeld, this lovable bald man is – perhaps – an unexpected poker enthusiast. Although, he doesn’t play in professional competitions, that much, if there’s a big time Hollywood game going down, you can be sure he’s lurking somewhere around the table, having played with the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Steve Martin, Matt Damon, and Teri Hatcher. Jason Alexander knows his stuff when it comes to celebrity poker games.

3. Jennifer Tilly

If you don’t recognise the name Jennifer Tilly, you will definitely know the voice. She is famous for roles in films and TV such as Liar, Liar, Modern Family, and The Bride of Chucky. Whilst she often plays a dumb and ditzy character who relies on her looks to get her way, she is actually a shrewd and intelligent player having even won the coveted gold bracelet at the WSOP Ladies No-Limit Hold ‘Em event.

2. Ben Affleck

Now we get onto the world’s worst Batman, Ben Affleck. Whilst he has appeared in countless films, his talents lie much more with directing films rather than starring in them, seeing as he has acted in two of the worst films of all time, Daredevil and Gigli. Some have accused the Argo star of being addicted to poker, however he has denied this time and time again and has proven to be a confident player in his own right.

1. Matt Damon

You can’t really talk about Ben Affleck without also talking about his childhood friend and Good Will Hunting co-writer and co-star, Matt Damon … they kind of come in a pair. Whatever Damon does, Affleck is sure to follow, and this applies to poker as much as anything else. He’s not exactly the best player in the world, but he did star in Rounders, an excellent poker movie that inspired many of the worlds greatest players today to start taking the game seriously.

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