Luke Shaw: Paul Pogba is the best in the world and doesn’t deserve the stick he receives

by Leo Nieboer

Luke Shaw has launched an impassioned defence of Paul Pogba, labelling him as the best midfielder in the world and noting that he didn’t deserve the criticism he receives.

The Frenchman, just a week after spearheading a remarkable comeback win over Manchester City, found himself once again under the microscope following a poor display against West Bromwich Albion.

His manager was immensely critical of him in the aftermath and reports in the following days suggested his future at Old Trafford was uncertain under Mourinho.

But Shaw, speaking to the Express, has labelled the derision sent Pogba’s way was totally unjustified.

“It disappoints me how much stick Paul gets because he is the best midfielder in the world,” he said.

“He is still young and is still learning about this league. But so many people want to try and bring him down because of his price tag and the way acts and the way he is.

“People always seem to put ‘bad’ to his name. But he’s an amazing guy and works so hard in training. It it is quite hard to perform at a high level week in, week out.

“Sometimes people criticise him because they know he can do it – and we all know he can do it.Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he’s bad, but he’s the best midfielder in the world and he’s going to be that for many years.

“I’m lucky to be playing with such a quality player like that.”

You will never find a widespread agenda towards a player who isn’t any good; you will never find people spending literally hours on social media over time to slate a player who isn’t in some way special; you are extremely unlikely to find anyone interested in football who doesn’t have an opinion on Pogba.

And this is because Pogba, at the core of it all, deserves to be recognised as one of the best in the world. On his day, as seen in the second half against Man City and against Bournemouth, he can be the decisive influence on a game.

Everybody knows that deep down, which somewhat explains the frustration towards him. But you would be foolish to ever doubt his scary ability on the ball.

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