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Nemanja Matic: Paul Pogba needs to take more responsibility at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United’s Nemanja Matic has praised Paul Pogba but also called on his teammate to take more responsibility in order to improve.

The Frenchman has received plenty of criticism this season due to his inconsistencies but has still put in some decent numbers despite it all.

Across all competitions Pogba has five goals and 11 assists which read quite well for a midfielder, particularly since he was injured for a while as well.

However, there was never a more clear example of his inconsistencies than when he almost singlehandedly defeated Manchester City but failed to show up against West Brom not a week later.

Matic feels that Paul can still improve but believes he needs to take on more responsibility as he can lead the team to glory more regularly.

According to Goal, Nemanja said: “With his quality, personality, he needs to have more confidence, needs to take more responsibility.

“Of course he’s still young, he can improve and he will improve and he showed in this game [against City] that he always can play better and better.

“He took responsibility, he scored and give to other players more confidence – after his first goal we started to believe we can do something. It is exactly what he has to do.

“He is a great player. He runs a lot, has quality with the ball, he can score and he can also defend very well.”

Although many critics expect Paul Pogba to grab a goal and an assist each game, Jose Mourinho has claimed he just wants to see stable performances consistently.

The Portuguese manager doesn’t have the same expectations as critics of the former Juventus man but does want to see him maintain a certain level.

Against Tottenham in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday afternoon Pogba has the perfect opportunity to prove he can do just what Mourinho and Nemanja Matic want.

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