Jose Mourinho: Manchester United’s attitude against Tottenham was good

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has revealed what he did with the squad that eventually helped with the victory against Tottenham and hailed their attitude.

The former Real Madrid man decided to remain in London with his players following their win against Bournemouth rather than returning to Manchester.

United played Eddie Howe’s men on Wednesday and had a couple days to prepare for the match against Spurs but had hoped remaining in the nation’s capital would help.

Returning to Manchester may have disrupted the rhythm of the team with all the unnecessary flights and wasted hours on travelling.

Mourinho feels the seclusion of the team and togetherness helped them perform in the FA Cup semi-final as well as get some one on one time with his players.

The Red Devils have proven on multiple occasions that their attitude can be the cause of their own demise and is really the cause for their inconsistencies this season.

Jose has realised unless there’s a special occasion to play for his players would not raise their game and it’s something he’s criticised previously.

Perhaps it’s this realisation that made the Portuguese manager remain in London as well as remind his players there’s still plenty to play for in the Premier League.

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