Paul Pogba: “Who is the Daily Mail? I don’t know them”

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba produced a brilliant response when asked on a French television show about a Daily Mail story linking him with a move to Paris Saint Germain.

The Mail – and, by extension, its mutant offspring in the Mirror and the Sun – have endlessly and discriminately slated the Frenchman’s dance moves, perpetual haircuts and general way of living ever since he returned to Manchester in August 2016.

His recent struggles under Jose Mourinho, during which he was left on the bench and publicly criticised by the boss, gave these media outlets ammunition for stories claiming he was looking for the exit door in the summer.

But the Frenchman, when asked about the Mail on Canal +, nonchalantly claimed he had no idea who they were.

“Who is the Daily Mail? I don’t know them,” he said.

“You know if I was to listen to everyone, then I would be going to Marseille, Amiens or Rennes, Manchester City, Real Madrid, I would be everywhere… For the moment I am at Manchester United. I am only thinking about the present. We have a cup final & then the World Cup is coming. The transfer window is not in my head.”

This quote from Pogba fills me with immense hope, because there is nothing I want more for this society than for everybody, one day, to say the exact same thing: “The Daily Mail? I don’t know them”.

No organisation is more responsible for sowing the seeds of division in this country than the Mail; no organisation does a better job at painting figures like Pogba as a cancerous rather than enriching addition to our society.

And that is because Pogba represents the future, the millennial generation – media savvy, colourful, flamboyant, inherently unpredictable yet thrilling at the same time. The Mail, on the other hand, represents a past idea, an old fashioned solution to modern problems, the status quo.

One day, probably when our generation is long gone, people will, just like Pogba today, have no regard whatsoever for such a currently powerful force in the public consciousness.

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