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Phil Neville: It was the last place in the world Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to go

by Marwan Harraz

Phil Neville has revealed during the documentary ‘Fergie vs Wenger: The Feaud’ what Sir Alex Ferguson did following Arsenal being crowned Premier League champions.

The two manager’s rivalry is notoriously known as one of the best in English football’s history though that rivalry has cooled down.

Sir Alex seemed to settle his differences with Arsene Wenger during the latter stages of his career though many claim it’s only because the Frenchman was no longer a threat.

At the London club’s peak though the Scotsman constantly experienced heated clashes but Neville has revealed a moment that proved his class.

The documentary was released following Wenger’s announcement that he’s set to retire at the end of the current Premier League campaign.

According to Give Me Sport, Phil said: “They [Arsenal] came to our place and won the Premier League. Sir Alex Ferguson went in their dressing with a couple of bottles of champagne and said ‘congratulations’ to them.

“That’s class. That’s the last place in the world that he would have wanted to go.”

Sir Alex Ferguson was always classy in defeat just as he was gracious in victory as he never let his battles extend past his manners.

The Manchester United legend was at the club for over two decades and came across numerous opponents but he ultimately defeated them all.

Sir Alex lived through the Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City eras and overcame them all regardless of whatever conditions his own club was in.

Many United fans like to imagine how the iconic Scotsman would’ve performed in the current Premier League season but unfortunately that’s as far as it’ll ever go.

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