Zlatan Ibrahimovic sends heartfelt message to Manchester United supporters

by Leo Nieboer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent a heartfelt message to Manchester United players, supporters and Jose Mourinho ahead of the club’s ‘Player of the Year’ awards on Tuesday night.

The Swede joined Man United on a free transfer in July 2016 and enjoyed a spellbinding campaign, plundering 27 goals in all competitions.

A severe knee ligament injury in April 2017 unfortunately cut short his time at the highest level and he joined LA Galaxy in March.

And Ibrahimovic has sent a message to all of those at United, stressing how he missed playing at Old Trafford and thanking supporters for all the love they gave him.

“I see you are doing well, you made it to the final which I like a lot, even if I am not there,” he said.

“Here it is sunny a lot, and I hear you guys like your weather and I want to say to all the fans I miss you, I miss playing at Old Trafford, seeing all the red shirts, I want to thank everyone for the push and the energy and adrenaline you gave me.

“I want to thank my teammates too, you made it easy for me, especially in the first year and the second year too, from a different point of view.

“Coach, I miss you too, you know what you need to do to win so there is no secret behind that and hope you win the final and the mentality continues from last year. Just want to make sure everything is good but I can see it so I’m not worried.

“Player of the year I would say David De Gea, even if a goalkeeper shouldn’t get player of the year, but he has had a fantastic year and he continues that high level of performance. That’s my vote. Please keep going and I will wait for you guys in LA.”

Zlatan only spent one full season at United but his impact at the club eclipses most players to embark on Old Trafford during the post-Fergie era.

It is often forgotten that the 36-year-old, more often than not, did not benefit United on a tactical level. But in a way that didn’t matter.

Mourinho noted when he came to club that the group of players he inherited were ‘sad’ following a mind-numbing season under Louis van Gaal. Lifeless, deflated, uninspired would have sufficed as descriptions as well.

Zlatan changed that. Zlatan’s pure belief in himself, in the beauty of dominating and winning, galvanised those around him, bringing them out of the slumber in which they found themselves in under their predecessor, and winning two trophies in the process.

He helped reinvigorate the hunger at Old Trafford. Most of all, though, he helped us smile again.

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