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Chris Hughton: Manchester United still have the same aura

by Marwan Harraz

Brighton manager Chris Hughton has insisted that Manchester United still have the same aura as they once did before ahead of the two clubs clashing.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, many of the critics have claimed that the club can never be the same again and that they’ve already lost the winning mentality.

It’s a cliche about how teams win matches before they even step out on the pitch, such is the importance of the correct mentality and so many believe United are no longer feared as much as before.

This is because or so they claim that the team no longer has a winning mentality or the same ability as past squads would normally have.

Though Jose Mourinho has addressed these issues, there’s still some way to go in order to get it all back but Hughton insists the Red Devils are a quality team.

According to Kwese ESPN, Chris said: “I don’t think it is that different under Jose because Manchester United are still winning things. If you are looking at Alex Ferguson’s best times at United, they went through a good few years where they were competing and winning the league, so in that case there has been a few changes.

“But when you play against this Manchester United team they still have the same quality that Manchester United teams have always had, and they still have that same aura.”

The issues with mentality are something that can’t be denied and it’s why Mourinho has consistently called on his players to sort out their attitudes.

The club itself surely has the same aura it did in the past which is why Manchester United are still able to reel in top players even without Champions League football.

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