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Brian Kidd: Sir Alex Ferguson was unreal for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz


Former Manchester United man and current Manchester City coach Brian Kidd has lauded Sir Alex Ferguson for what he did at Old Trafford.

The Scottish legend has recently undergone emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage and tributes have flown in from all over the footballing world.

Kidd, who was once an assistant manager to Sir Alex, is the latest to have wished his former colleague a speedy recovery.

Everyone was shocked when the news came out and everyone is still hoping the United icon will be able to pull through by showing the fighting spirit everyone has associated with him once more.

City have been classy in putting aside the rivalry between the two clubs and wishing Ferguson well as the footballing world tries to make sense of what happened.

According to M.E.N, Brian said: “He’s an iconic person. There was a really sombre mood yesterday evening. You think he’s indestructible – we’ve been brought up with him.

“What he did for United was unreal. Phenomenal. He’s in our prayers and thoughts, we hope him a speedy recovery and send all our love to him. I’m always indebted to him. God bless him.”

There’s no doubt what kind of impact Sir Alex Ferguson had, not just on Manchester United fans but also on the rest of the world as well.

The former Aberdeen man is embedded in many football lovers’ minds as having been ever-present and a consistent, dedicated winner.

Sir Alex had been known for his fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude and there’s many who hope that will serve him well in his recovery.

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