Gary Neville: Alexis Sanchez to blame for Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial form

by Marwan Harraz

Gary Neville has shockingly blamed Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez for Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial‘s poor form of late.

The two youngsters have failed to make an impact on the starting XI lately and many attribute it to the Chilean’s arrival.

Sanchez was brought in to Old Trafford during the January transfer window and although his form has improved lately, he’s yet to show what he’s truly made of.

Rashford and Martial both play in the former Barcelona man’s best position which is considered to be on the left flank.

Neville believes Alexis’ arrival had more of an impact on the two talents than most anticipated and blames him for their form.

According to Goal, Gary said on Sky Sports: “He [Jose Mourinho] brought Alexis Sanchez into the club and look at what’s happened to them since Alexis Sanchez came in.

“If you look at the actual stats and you think about before Sanchez arrived at the club, they were playing quite a bit of football, they were scoring goals and contributing, they had assists.

“But since Alexis Sanchez has come to the club, obviously he’s played a lot of the games, and look what’s happened.

“There’s been a big impact negatively, so they’ve [Rashford and Martial] got to get back to the standards they were setting earlier in the season and what they’re capable of.”

Marcus and Anthony have their own inconsistent form to blame for their absence from the starting XI but there’s no doubt Alexis Sanchez played a part as well.

Jose Mourinho is known for throwing in his rotational players at random moments and testing them to see if they respond but it often means their unfit, low morale selves fail the test.

Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial are no different and Sanchez’s arrival has seen their match time decrease despite his own form being questionable.

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