Wes Brown: Jose Mourinho has Manchester United moving in the right direction

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United icon Wes Brown has revealed he believes Jose Mourinho has the club moving in the right direction despite what critics claim.

Even some supporters believe the Portuguese manager has still not proven himself to be the man to lead the club to it’s former glories.

Mourinho’s managed to win the Europa League, Carabao Cup and secure Champions League football in his first season in charge and could finish this current season in second as well as win the FA Cup.

All in all it’s considered good progress for many but the doubters remain though Brown is clearly on the United manager’s side.

Either way, there’s certainly a lot of pressure on Jose to deliver the title in his third season in charge of the club.

According to First Post, Wes said: “Yeah, it’s getting better every season. We’re moving and we are second in the league at the moment. We are in the final of the FA Cup.

“Everyone would’ve loved them to do better but City have been the best team this year without a doubt. They deserve to win the league. United are slowly getting there and I’m sure when the season is over, the gaffer will know what new faces he wants to bring in.

“Maybe some might leave I’m not sure but he’ll know what the team wants. There have been games where we have been absolutely unbelievable but (in some games) we’ve been off the pace a bit.

“It’s been on and off, on and off all season which is a shame because the manager and players don’t want that. But like I said, it is progress and United are going in the right way.”

Inconsistency has been a theme this season for sure and as Wes Brown says the players have been fantastic in some games and dreadful in others.

There’s certainly a weakness mentally though Jose Mourinho has improved the players in that regard and there’s hope it can improve further.

In some games the squad truly show up but in other games, particularly the less ‘important’ ones, they don’t even seem bothered to compete.

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