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James McKenna: We’re so proud of Kieran McKenna after promotion

by Marwan Harraz

James McKenna has admitted that the whole family are extremely proud of Kieran McKenna’s recent promotion from the academy.

The current Manchester United coach was promoted from being the U18’s manager after impressing Jose Mourinho.

McKenna was initially brought into the club from Tottenham and managed to even win the league with the academy players this season.

With Mourinho’s right hand man Rui Faria leaving it opened up a spot for others to step up in his place with Michael Carrick also getting involved with the coaching set up.

The McKenna household is clearly proud of Kieran’s achievements and fans hope his attacking coaching style will influence the Portuguese boss’s side.

According to the Impartial Reporter, James said: “It came as a big surprise and I don’t think any of us were expecting it, I don’t even think Kieran was expecting it himself!

“Everybody is very proud of him, my Mum and Dad (Mary and Liam) and my sister Rosemary and brother Robbie are delighted and we just hope that it goes well for him and he continues on the upward curve that he has been going on this last number of years.”

With Jose opting out of signing a direct assistant manager it will be interesting to see how the team perform next season and whether it will affect on field performances.

The former Real Madrid boss believes Carrick could eventually become his assistant in the future but will first need to get the right qualifications.

Jose Mourinho‘s new set up may work in his favour as it would mean he’d have several heads to bounce off of ideas instead of simply his most trusted staff member in Faria.

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