Manchester United leave Bayern Munich in tatters after Twitter encounter

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United’s official Twitter account left Bayern Munich in tatters after exchanging words with them on the famous social media platform.

Jose Mourinho‘s side have one of the biggest online presences in football and naturally have a lot of people keeping an eye on their tweets.

United were pretty much minding their business on the platform when Bayern decided to interject with some friendly banter.

Unfortunately for the German champions things went awfully south for them and even though they tried to save face after, it was too late as the damage was already done.

The two European giants are set to go face to face in a pre-season friendly but this recent interaction could turn it into something far more competitive.

The Red Devils fanbase certainly felt they got the win out of that encounter but of course what happens on the pitch is what matters most.

Mourinho’s men can build up a good head of steam as they attempt to dislodge Pep Guardiola’s record breaking Manchester City side from their champions berth.

So far the Portuguese manager has attempted to address two weaknesses in his squad by signing Shakhtar Donetsk’s Fred and Porto’s Diogo Dalot.

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