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Emmanuel Petit: I want an angry Paul Pogba

by Marwan Harraz

Emmanuel Petit has called on Paul Pogba to play with more anger in his game in order to show his talent more consistently.

The Manchester United star has come in for plenty of criticism this season from fans, the media and even his own manager for failing to play well in back to back fixtures.

Pogba’s talent is never in doubt with several people calling him world class but his inability to show that on a regular basis has seen him gain critics.

The Frenchman started his campaign in fine form but an injury ultimately cost him his momentum and when he returned he struggled to put in top performances.

Petit believes the midfielder only has a good game when he’s angry as evidenced by his brace against Manchester City.

According to the Mirror, Emmanuel said: “We all know Pogba has great potential but I want to see the same Pogba I saw against Manchester City when United won 3-2.

“I want to see that Pogba, with the mindset that he is against the world, when he has no option but to show to the rest of the world that he has the potential to be one of the best in his position.

“He thrives on anger sometimes and I want that Pogba. I wish we could have Pogba like this every game.

“Every time he is angry, every time he has this anger inside of him and he wants to show people are wrong, I know I want this guy.”

Anger is a funny thing to call upon with another United player once getting the same kind of attention for that reason.

Wayne Rooney was said to have lost his fire as he aged with some even claiming it’s the reason why he deteriorated so quickly.

Although others blamed the ridiculous amount of games in his career, the player himself did admit he was more calm.

Whether the same applies to Pogba is really up to debate but it initially doesn’t appear so since he’s put in good shifts without being angry.

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