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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Paul Pogba is the best midfielder in the world

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Zlatan Ibrahimovic has labelled Paul Pogba as the best midfielder in the world, blasting critics who think he’s falling short of their standards.

The Frenchman scored his nation’s winning goal in the 2-1 victory over Australia in their opening match in the World Cup but was still attacked for ‘underperforming’.

Not only did he score but he was also given the official man of the match award but for some Pogba still didn’t do enough to warrant some praise.

Ibrahimovic, who played for clubs such as Barcelona, Juventus and PSG, should know what makes a quality midfielder having played with some of the best.

The Swede backed the talented midfielder, calling him the best in his position which is lofty praise considering some of the things that happened to him last season.

According to the 42, Zlatan said to BeIN Sports: “Pogba is controversial, the media always talks about him and I think this is out of jealousy.

“He has a big salary and always plays at the big matches and tournaments. He is the best midfielder in the world and because of that he has a lot of haters.”

Paul was dropped by Jose Mourinho due to his inconsistencies as he would play with real intent and vigour one match and then look a shell of himself just a week later.

Some have blamed the former Juventus player himself while others have blamed the Portuguese manager, claiming that not enough is done to cater to his obvious talents.

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