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Video: Patrice Evra and Ji-Sung Park enjoy happy reunion in Russia

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United teammates and best friends Patrice Evra and Ji-Sung Park enjoyed a happy reunion in the ITV studios in Russia on Thursday.

The pair both arrived at Old Trafford in 2005 and played together for seven seasons, claiming four Premier League titles in the process.

They also struck up an unlikely close friendship along with Carlos Tevez, despite the trio all speaking different languages and coming from totally different backgrounds.

Evra released a video on Thursday during which he asks a giggling Ian Wright whether he and Park, who you can tell is used to these antics, ought to produce a new ‘Rush Hour’ movie.

The strange yet wonderful trio of Evra, Park and Tevez has always been an enchanting tale of friendship, and an example of football’s remarkable capacity to bring people together, regardless of their background.

And that, really, is what the World Cup does above anything: brings people closer together. When else would you find Spurs and Arsenal and Liverpool and Everton fans side by side, losing themselves in the joy of a 90th minute Harry Kane winner? When else would so many nationalities – from Senegalese to Polish to Colombian to Japanese – come together in camaraderie and friendship?

The case of Evra and Park is just one example from many. It has always been much, much more than a game.

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